Cult of Dracula Acquired By Source Point Press

Source Point Press has struck a deal to acquire publishing & distribution rights for the smash-hit, indie-horror comic Cult of Dracula. With a strong, grassroots outreach campaign focusing on local comic book retailers, the unique re-imagining of Bram Stoker’s horror classic from the nightmares of Rich Davis became an underground hit with a devoted cult following. First printings of Cult of Dracula #1, originally distributed by Second Sight Publishing, recorded impressive sales numbers near 10,000 units.

Second Sight’s Publishing Manager, Marcus Roberts, said that Cult of Draculamoving to another publisher is a bittersweet moment for the fledgling, creator focused company. He added that Second Sight did all that it could to market Cult of Dracula, but the comic deserves a brighter spotlight on a larger stage. Roberts concluded by saying that Davis’ future success will be a success for Second Sight Publishing as well. He hopes other creators will see it as an example of Second Sight’s commitment to putting creators first.

Source Point Press sees tremendous upside in adding Cult of Dracula to its impressive slate of genre specific comics. CEO Travis McIntyre says that Davis’ comic fits perfectly into the company’s mission to provide the very best storytelling in horror, scifi, & pulp. Chief Operating Officer, Jacob Way, added that another benefit to the deal is the opportunity to work with Rich Davis. The first time comic creator has already developed a reputation for his tireless work ethic, business savvy & passionate promotional skills.

Source Point Press will solicit a remastered edition of Cult of Dracula #1 with unique cover art, remastered interior art & brand new content through Diamond Comics Distributors. Cult of Dracula will be available for retailers to order in the January issue of Previews.

Writer/creator Rich Davis & artist Henry Martinez say they’re looking forward to the enhanced opportunities with Source Point Press. The creative duo will add a new section called “Bram’s Case Files” to the remastered editions. Davis says this opens up incredible opportunities to explore the many characters in Cult of Dracula in a way that honors Bram Stoker’s original novel. The case files will be very similar to the diary entries in Stoker’s Dracula.

A film adaptation of Cult of Dracula is under development by Sure Pictures.

Cult of Dracula

Here’s a page from the book I’m currently working on, “Cult of Dracula”. Issue one was released September 2020. Cult of Dracula is an ongoing series written by creator Rich Davis and illustrated by me. It’s currently being published by Second City Studios, successfully pre-selling 10,000 copies. There is already a second printing and issue two is ontrack to sell well.

The story is a new take on the Dracula mythos, with plenty of backstory, secrets, twist and turns; no one is exempt.