Although I am not involved with this book, I am promoting it. Secondsight is publishing Cult of Dracula and they do have some great books. I look forward to working with them again in the near future. Support the indies!

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I will be sharing current projects as well as commissions, work videos, techniques, etc. things that will be unique to my subscribers. I will live feed as much as I can but bear with me as I am new to this.

These are the tiers:

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$3 per month – You will have access to everything in the library and sneak peeks of what I’m currently working on, including commissions.

$10 per month – I will be recording videos of current projects with commentary, my illustration process, and art tool reviews. I love trying out new supplies and will show you what I have been buying and review them.

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Cult of Dracula

Here’s a page from the book I’m currently working on, “Cult of Dracula”. Issue one was released September 2020. Cult of Dracula is an ongoing series written by creator Rich Davis and illustrated by me. It’s currently being published by Second City Studios, successfully pre-selling 10,000 copies. There is already a second printing and issue two is ontrack to sell well.

The story is a new take on the Dracula mythos, with plenty of backstory, secrets, twist and turns; no one is exempt.